Nestling on the Western shore of the Arabian Gulf, Qatar is a unique destination that is steeped in culture with an eye on the future. Inhabited by a deeply spiritual people, Qatar is home to individuals with unique taste and impeccable style. This taste and style is a tradition brought down from generation to generation. From a time when dwellers roamed the golden sands adorned with the trends of their ancestors.

The collection has been inspired by the concept of Dazzah. Since time immemorial, a bride has gone to her new family with gifts. Traditionally, these gifts were held in an Embayyat which is a wooden chest decorated with intricate wood carvings and inlaid with brass or gold and given as a gift symbolizing the prosperity the new bride brings to her husband's home. In a bygone era, skilled craftsmen of the Gulf region worked long and hard decorating the Embayyat with designs which grew more intricate and personal as time went by. Ultimately, craftsmen in the area became adept at expressing the local spirit in the designs of the Embayyat unique to this region.

It is from this rich history that the designs of the Dazzah Collection are born. Fursan is emblematic of strength and gallantry. It embodies the cultural notion that women are the nation's jewel. We at Fursan believe that our work encapsulates this tradition while showing women the world over our appreciation through offering Dazzah. Its goal is to allow every woman to feel as exceptional as a bride stepping into a new world of splendor and fortune.

Our designs are imbibed with creativity and yet are well structured to meet the desires of a refined woman. The collection is a distinctive blend of modernity and elegance and is impeccable for all occasions. The material for each piece has been handpicked to bring out the light and mystique of a Fursan woman who stands out in the crowd. A single artisan works on a single piece of merchandise, thus ensuring the uniformity of design. The final result is a handbag with timeless charm; an indispensable accessory that turns each woman into an icon of elegance and style while showcasing a cultural heritage that is unique to the Arabian Gulf.


FURSAN is proud of the marriage between Qatari creativity, innovative design and Italian craftsmanship. For centuries, expert Italian craftsmen have worked in the same time honored method of their fathers. These skilled virtuosi pass their wisdom as well as their worn leather tools that were carried by their fathers and grandfathers before them to the next generation of master craftsmen. They also pass along their devotion to fashioning the finest luxury leather handbags available today; the handbags of Fursan.
Each bespoke handbag of Fursan demands over 40 hours to produce. Created by a single master leather craftsman, who meticulously choses only the most outstanding, intricately carved hardware and buttery soft full top grain and exotic leathers, every handbag is a work of art and as unique as the beautiful woman who carries it. The woman who appreciates the opulence and worth of savoir-faire designer fashion is a Fursanwomen.
We invite you to share our passion for classical, modern design and impeccable workmanship. Discover the luxurious and unique qualities of bespoke Fursan handbags for yourself.




Fursan is proud to announce the opening of our Flagship Boutique, located on Porto Arabia, the Pearl Qatar; a glorious, luxurious environment dedicated to opulence and consummate beauty.
Designed to house our unrivaled collection of bespoke handbags, the highlights of our elegant signature boutique are those of an oasis in the desert. The “Golden Rain” sculpture, in conjunction with the brilliant natural light of the sun’s rays descends upon the contemporary space. Representing the sentiment of generosity, the sculpture signifies a compelling attitude of kindness and bounty, a distinguishing feature of the Arabic people.
The understated façade and interior walls are fashioned using an exclusive, subtle stone which references the undulating, natural sands of the land of Qatar. The minimalist, elegant lines of the boutique are further enhanced by the symbolism of the horse motif, found in delicately carved wooden sculptures gracing the boutique.
The allusion to the noble horse cannot be underestimated. The gallant steed has for centuries represented nobility, luxury and beauty and is deeply rooted in the culture of Qatar. Befitting perfectly our new signature boutique, as Fursan translated means cavalier, a knight, an adventurer. We welcome you to step into the enchantment of the new Fursan boutique, where the adventure begins for you…








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